Month: July 2017

StS Couplings from Germany: Available at Global Bearing Imports

Blog | July 25th, 2017

Couplings play a crucial role in drive technology since they connect two shafts together in such a way that motion can still transfer to one from the other in the proper fashion. For this reason, you should always purchase quality ones for your purposes. We are proud to broadcast the fact that we offer StS […]

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How Does Shelf Life Affect Bearing Performance?

Blog | July 17th, 2017

The shelf life of an item is defined as the maximum length of time a product can be stored in a usable condition. Batteries have a built-in storage lifespan, as do many chemical products. Those chemicals, even the ones inside the batteries, deteriorate over time when they’re left on the shelf. As for bearing performance, […]

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