Month: September 2018

What are High Temperature Bearings and Bearing Units?

Blog | September 24th, 2018

Excessive mechanical loads push bearings hard. The durable fittings, fabricated so that they satisfy the highest engineering standards, produce energy losses. Vibrating and squealing, the rolling elements suffer. Their parts are experiencing heat-induced fatigue. To solve this thermally potent action, engineers turn to other bearing forms, to materials and architectures that are designed to resist […]

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What Causes Bearing Noise?

Blog | September 12th, 2018

Among a cluster of synchronized, quietly rotating mechanical parts, one shaft is emitting a bone-rattling squealing noise. Off the top of the maintenance engineer’s head, the bearing is probably running dry. The lubricating film is breaking down. That’s a good guess, one that might even hit the mark, but that supposition can’t be confirmed until […]

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