Non-Standard or Specialised Ball Bearings

September 26, 2016

Many distinctive engineering applications require non-standard or specialised ball bearings to solve unique issues. These devices function as efficiently as their commonplace cousins, but they serve in uncommon situations. Unusually sized drive shafts with proprietary keyways represent a not so typical example of this practice, as do obsolete standards that didn’t find universal adoption. Whatever the case, an industrious bearing supplier needs to be able to provide a solution, one that fits any specialized application.

Suited for Obsolete and Discontinued Machinery 

Every modern factory would love to have enough resources to retool every machine and give everything a fresh lick of paint, but sometimes the company coffers are empty or the cash needs to be spent elsewhere. Built before metric components became the accepted standard, the antique bearings on this machinery need support, yet non-standard or specialized ball bearings aren’t available from a high street store. If a discontinued machine still has value, still works to manufacture a marketable product, it’s going to need spare parts. In effect, it needs ball bearings that have probably been discontinued, so the duty of a supply source is to ensure these bearings are available.

Pushing Non-Standard or Specialised Ball Bearings Out of the Shadows 

Fringe products don’t receive the attention they deserve. In the case of unique rolling bearings, a product catalogue shoves such unconventional components to the bottom of the page. They’re the commonplace devices known by industry insiders, but a twist or enhancement has been layered on top of typical functionality. An extra set of balls is one example of this concept. Another example is a double row self-aligning bearing. Now, this product is relatively accessible when a top-notch supplier and distributor is employed, but what if the issue is further complicated by non-standard sizing charts? An out of the ordinary plain or tapered bore makes the issue harder to resolve, yet products must be available in spite of these one-of-a-kind situations, which is why non-standard or specialized ball bearings need their hour in the spotlight. There will always be distinctive sales scenarios, instances where uncommon but still very much needed parts must be either stocked or custom-made to satisfy singular applications.

These unique ball bearings proliferate along the lower end of a chronological spectrum to encompass rare and discontinued products, but the higher end of this spectrum also subscribes to this specialised manufacturing model. High functioning contemporary ball bearings are made from advanced polymers and ceramic, the plastics and special alloys that supply the aeronautics industry and other bleeding-edge applications.

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