Top 4 Qualities to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Conveyor Belt for Your Application

July 23, 2021

One piece of equipment that has been very helpful in a lot of industries is the conveyor belt. It is a type of conveyor system that can easily transport goods and products in either a straight line or through a series of elevations and directions. Some goods and products that can be transported by a conveyor belt are grains, ore, coal, boxes, packages, and many more.

What makes conveyor belts great for automotive, food processing, material handling, packaging, and other industries is that they can transport multiple goods and products that are way too heavy or too bulky for humans to manually move. These equipment pieces make the overall workflow easier and safer.

When choosing the perfect conveyor belt for your application, certain qualities must be considered to ensure its effectiveness. Some of the qualities that you should consider are as follows:


Perhaps, two of the most important qualities to consider when choosing a conveyor belt are its overall length and width. Buying a conveyor belt with the correct key dimensions can easily help in fulfilling the demand of your application. Additionally, obtaining the right dimensions of your conveyor belt allows your belting representative to rule out specific belt constructions that might not be tracked properly because of their width to length ratio. When finding the right dimensions of your conveyor belt, you should also consider the physical aspects of the cleats, special covers, and others.

Load Capacity

Another quality that you should consider is the load capacity of the conveyor belt. Goods and products that may be transported by a conveyor belt may vary in terms of their weight. And if a lot of them are placed in a conveyor belt, the equipment should have the capacity to transport all of them without any issues. Failure to take into account the load capacity of the conveyor belt and the intended weight of your goods and products can cause your belt to bend or wrap.


Aside from their weight, you should also consider the sizes of your goods. Bulky items may not be processed by conveyor belts if the latter have small dimensions. And so, you must go for a conveyor belt that has enough clearance for bulky items. To ensure that your conveyor belt can process your products, you can measure their sizes and use the measurements in finding the best equipment. Using an unsuited conveyor belt might only lead to products getting entangled inside the machine.


One more quality of a conveyor belt that you should consider is its materials. Considering the material composition of your conveyor belt can help determine whether it can survive various environmental conditions in your workplace or not. Some materials may withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures, while others can easily be destroyed once exposed to these temperatures. Some materials may likewise not work well with chemicals. Knowing the properties of conveyor belt materials can help you choose the best one for you. Some materials that are used in conveyor belts are rubber, polyester, and nylon.

If you need help in choosing the best conveyor belt for your application, you can contact us at Global Bearing Imports.

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