Understanding the Different Types of NILOS Ring Seals

June 23, 2021

Bearings are machine elements that can limit the relative motion of moving parts to only the desired motion as well as minimise their friction. These functions allow them to protect the moving parts from being damaged and maintain their correct positioning.

But for bearings to fully carry out their functions, they must be protected from elements first. Bearings that are not protected will only allow moisture, dust, and other external particles to enter them, which then causes premature life failure. Fortunately, tons of additional machine elements can be added to the bearings so that they can work effectively and last for a very long time.

A General Overview of NILOS Ring Seals

One of the machine elements that can protect the bearings is the NILOS ring seals. NILOS ring seals can effectively protect the bearings from moisture, dust, and other external particles that can damage them as they are mostly made from galvanised steel. Alternatively, some of these ring seals can also be made from stainless steel or brass. The materials used for these ring seals allow them to boast great durability. They can likewise extend bearing uptime, even under extreme operating conditions.

Generally, NILOS ring seals can effectively cater to a wide range of bearing types. Some of these bearings include angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and taper roller bearings.

Documented Types of NILOS Ring Seals

To date, NILOS ring seals are categorised depending on the type of bearings that they can be applied to.

For the majority of bearing configuration, the types AV and JV NILOS ring seals are the ones that can be utilised. The type AV can effectively seal the outer roller bearing ring, while the type JV can be used to seal the inner roller bearing ring. As for bearings that already come with shields or seals, they can maximise types ZAV and ZJV of NILOS ring seals. Similar to the previously mentioned types, the type ZAV is effective for sealing the outer roller bearing ring, while the type ZJV is great for sealing the inner roller bearing ring, especially if it is possible.

As for taper roller bearings, they can use types AV and JV NILOS ring seals for effective protection. Additionally, they can maximise the type AK NILOS ring seals. The type AK is a double-externally sealing that can be effective in specific conditions.   

Special types of NILOS ring seals include the types LSTO and LST-L. The type LSTO NILOS ring seals are designed to protect bearing points that are exposed to a high amount of dirt particles. Alternatively, the type LST-L NILOS ring seals are great for applications that are exposed to different types of liquid.

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