Why Global Bearings Supply and Recommend Using Zen Bearings

October 12, 2017

A slew of design features must be satisfied before a product earns a place in any sales portfolio. Take Zen branded Bearings, for example, a bearings manufacturing group that uses German engineering technology to fabricate the finest friction managing products in the industry. Heavily endorsed by engineering experts, these mechanically sound and materially tough products are designed to excel in many applications, which is why they’re recommended by the Global Bearings supply network.

Famed for Quality-Assured Bearings 

The Zen Bearings group approaches manufacturing science as a precision-tuned discipline that only accepts high-tolerance fabrication methods. The races and rolling elements adhere to that engineering doctrine, as do the tooling elements that facilitate each super-precise manufacturing run. What, some curious outsider might ask, benefits are made possible by this detail-oriented approach? High inner and outer component tolerances equal consistent parts dimensions, even when those dimensions use intricate curves and labyrinthine structural features. In turn, the accurately manufactured parts are amazingly balanced. They generate next to no noise, no vibration, and no performance issues.

A Natural Global Bearings Partner 

Why do machine-centric supply agents and their distribution networks seek out such uniquely dedicated engineering partners? Simply because of the ingrained knock-on effect. If the quality assured bearings are governed by a strongly motivated manufacturing plant, such as the Zen Bearings group, then the esteemed status garnered by that product line reflects well on the supplier. In other words, the product delivery chain is only as strong as the qualities of the sourced product. In the case of Zen branded bearings, every fabricated element is as strong as its neighbour. Teflon-armoured shields keep dirt out while superior lubricants grease defect-free rolling parts. The races, equally polished and smooth, are made from durable alloys, parts that won’t fracture.

Demonstrating Post-Production Finesse 

Above all, it’s the reliability factor that creates the binding ties. Those ties lock the Zen Bearings family resolutely to the Global Bearings ‘supply and source’ framework so that our customers are absolutely certain they will receive a quickly dispatched product that most assuredly fits the assigned application. Check out the Zen Group Quality Assurance page for proof of the truth of this statement. Visually inspected and exhaustively checked for potential power transmitting errors, Zen Bearings are a finer radial load handling solution, no matter the stress or challenges imposed by the toughest operational conditions.

If reliability matters, then the best-sourced bearings portfolio should be locked firmly in a client’s crosshairs. That branded group, we here at the Global Bearings headquarters can confidently declare, must be credited to the branded Zen Bearings group, an engineering company that only accepts the finest, most precisely fabricated radial load governing components.

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