ZEN Bearings Supplier in Victoria

September 28, 2015

The ZEN bearing brand is a German-owned, -engineered, and -operated company that produces many bearing types, including stainless steel Miniature, angular, flanged, locking-nut, etc. in imperial as well as metric sizes. ZEN bearings may be standard or custom, manufactured for the global aerospace, automotive, optical, hydroelectric, defense, and other industries for numerous applications.

Global Bearing Imports P/L, established in 1996, is your ZEN bearings supplier in Victoria, offering industries an independent bearing supply chain. We are a competitive and reliable source and supply solution for obtaining hard to find, difficult to identify, or extreme-precision bearings of all sizes and types, used in any industry.

ZEN is a bearing market leader known for its outstanding reliability, quality, value, and durability. Global Bearing Imports P/L offers competitive pricing for quality-engineered ZEN-brand bearing items. ZEN reputably purchases materials only from ISO-certified manufacturers to ensure all bearings are of superior quality. Standard products use Cr106 (Nr. 1.3505) and AISI 440C (Nr.1.4125). Other materials are available upon (special order) request.

ZEN Bearings

Type and Size

ZEN has an in-house design team that plans and manufactures bearings per the customer’s specifications and requirements. While chrome and steel bearings are the standard, custom order materials, such as ceramics and special steels, may also be utilized. ZEN quality bearings may be produced in any size bore, from miniscule (i.e.: 1mm.) or extremely large (i.e.: 4.5 m.), oversized bearings and slewing rings (i.e.: military, heavy equipment, etc.). Minimum / maximum clearance margins for nominal bore diameters range from 10 mm. to 1120mm.

Quality Control and Tolerances

The bearings are visually inspected and tolerance and vibration tested. They undergo a radial assessment, noise frequency analysis, Rockwell testing, and laser marking before the bearings are sealed, boxed, and shipped to the supplier for sale / distribution.

Zen bearings are manufactured to DIN- and ISO-certified quality control standards that regulate precision bearing integrity throughout the industry. The tighter the tolerance range is, the greater the accuracy of shaft rotation and higher-speed capability. Smoothness of the rolling contact surfaces, material grades, and ball precision are not included in DIN / ISO standards.

Seals and Shields

The proper seal for the intended application is key to performance. Seals and shield may be metal, rubber, PTFE, or viton, used in non-, low-, or high-friction environments. They may also be required to help protect against contaminants or must be able to be easily lubed.

Lubricants and Greases

Lubricants and greases offer protection at any temperature. Diester, mineral, synthetic, ester, fluorinated, and silicon oils are applied to protect against low and high temps, general purpose, low and high speeds, speed-alternator, chemical solvent resistant, anti-rust, and low noise.


Standard and custom cages accommodate speed, strength and weight loading requirements. They may be produced in a variety of selected materials:

• Crown Cage – Light weight, smooth, low friction
• Ribbon Cage – Standard cage, durability
• Glass Fiber / Reinforced Cage – Light weight, strong, high-speed
• Phenolic Cage – Light weight, strong, high-speed
• Brass cage – Low friction, durability.

Global Bearing Imports P/L is you source and ZEN bearings supplier of all types and kinds of quality bearings. We offer superior service, reliability, and competitive pricing. No inquiry or order is too large or small. For more product information and selection, please visit us at: globalbearings.com.au.

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