Month: November 2015

Global Bearings: Your Industrial Bearings Supplier in Victoria

Blog | November 19th, 2015

Industrial complexes run night and day on friction-cancelling beds of radial inserts. In Victoria, a part of Australia that relies heavily on industrial parks, the demand for these rolling components remains consistently high even though the economy is seeing some unpleasant economical fluctuations. Automotive plants may be shedding workers across the region, but industrial demands […]

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What Are Flanged Ball Bearings?

Blog | November 9th, 2015

The dictionary definition of the term flange describes a physical ridge or lip, a rim or collar that projects from a rolled edge. It grants a component extra strength and, at least in the case of pipes, provides a fastening plate that enables the two sections to be bound together. It’s a little different with […]

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