Month: April 2016

What are Needle Roller Bearings?

Blog | April 21st, 2016

Needle roller bearings are designed as skinny cylindrical components, rolling elements that arrange themselves in a concentric circle within a ring-like raceway. The narrow diameter of this circular array reduces radial space, obviously, but the upshot of the design is a significant gain in load bearing capacity. Reduced Cross-Sectional Area¬† Compact in form, the thin […]

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Zen Bearings from Germany: Quality Bearings That Fit All Your Bearing Needs

Blog | April 12th, 2016

When speaking of German engineering, we’re referring to more than the locale of the product. The part is stamped with a seal of quality assurance, a guarantee of dimensional accuracy and superlative functionality. Zen bearings from Germany only serve to underscore this distinctive ranking on the engineering scale. The bearings in question radiate quality, which […]

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