Month: July 2018

Common Uses of Stainless Steel Popular Metric Series Bearings

Blog | July 24th, 2018

Popular metric series bearings are small and built to maintain frictionless separation between undersized drive components. Profiled with stainless steel bore sizes that fit within the miniature 1-mm to 10-mm bearing gauge, miniature metrics are designed to support small medical devices, servo motors, and many other commonly used drive configurations. High-functioning metric bearings even support […]

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Most Common Bearings Used in Automotives

Blog | July 9th, 2018

An automobile, what most of us call a car, exists because of numerous engineering breakthroughs. Thanks to those technological milestones, people can drive anywhere, even offroad. But this is a wheeled vehicle, a machine that relies on many rotating mechanical parts, so it takes a special set of rolling elements to make vehicles move. There’s […]

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