Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings

May 10, 2018

Learning about bearings may sound uninteresting for some people; however, these little things contribute immensely to our daily lives giving ease of use of machines, equipment, and even our own vehicles. Ball bearings are incredibly important to a variety of industries spanning just about every conceivable subject known to man. To put things simply: bearings are important and knowing about them can end up saving you quite a headache. While there are a variety of different bearings to talk about, it can help to hone our focus on a single topic at a time. Today, we are going to be discussing single direction thrust ball bearings. Single direction thrust ball bearings, a name which does not roll off of the tongue, are incredibly versatile. Are you ready to add to your library of bearing knowledge?

What Are Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings?

Before we jump into the details that single direction thrust ball bearings require, let’s take a moment to talk about thrust ball bearings in a more general sense. To start out with, you need to have a solid foundation of information before digging deeper. Thrust ball bearings are designed in both single and double direction ball thrust bearings. These types of bearings are designed with the goal of working with axial loads only. They cannot be used to support any kind of radial loads.

The basic makeup of a thrust bearing is pretty simple. These bearings are actually separable, which allows you to mount each individual piece as needed. The parts that make up a thrust ball bearing include the housing washers, the shaft washer, and the ball and cage assembly. While ostensibly simple little devices, these thrust ball bearings are actually powerhouses at the job that they do. Now that we understand how these bearings are built, we can talk with specificity about single direction thrust ball bearings.

Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings
– These bearings are built out of a shaft washing, a ball and cage assembly, and the housing washer we had highlighted above. They hold axial loads and can only accommodate a shaft axially, pushing in a singular direction. They are markedly different from the double direction thrust ball bearings and it is easy to differentiate between the two, making it unlikely that you’ll ever get them confused.

Finding the Right Bearings for the Job

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