Month: October 2016

NILOS Ring Seals: Uses and Applications

Blog | October 26th, 2016

Adverse environmental conditions disrupt high-fidelity bearings. Imagine dirt and grime working their way into the critical contact points between rolling elements. The result is shortened service life, but NILOS ring seals can stop these contaminants in their tracks. The all-metal sealing mechanism ensures uncompromised, interference-free rolling operability is assured, for no pollutants can pass these […]

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Differences between Greaseless Bearings and Lubricated Bearings

Blog | October 11th, 2016

When greasing the proverbial wheels of industry, maintenance engineers take note of bearing housings that require lubrication. In this manner, drive shafts and their associated bearings are optimized, frictional heat is minimized, and equipment lifespan is assured. Greaseless bearings add an interesting element to this engineering conundrum, for no lubrication maintenance schedule is required when […]

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