Month: February 2017

Contamination and Bearing Life: Common External Factors that Affect Bearings

Blog | February 27th, 2017

In a realm that allows for nothing but a series of rolling elements and a complementary set of polished rings, any contaminant whatsoever can cause major problems. These pristine moving parts only have room for a thin lubricating film, not coarse-grained hitchhikers. Still, knowledge is power, so let’s see what common external factors are out […]

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Bronze Bushings: Common Uses and Functions

Blog | February 6th, 2017

Bronze bushings are a type of plain bearing, a component that works in much the same manner as a steel bearing. Multipart bearings, however, are equipped with several moving rings and many rolling elements. Bushings are simpler constructs. They’re made from a single rounded cylinder or sleeve. Interestingly, these bronzed sleeves work very well as […]

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