Month: June 2017

What are Hybrid Ceramic Bearings?

Blog | June 26th, 2017

The term hybrid ceramic bearing applies to a rolling element class that uses composite technology. A quick look at the metal races reveals refined stainless steel rigidity. That alloy won’t fracture but will absorb large quantities of friction-generated thermal energy. Meanwhile, on looking at the rolling bearings, it’s ceramic, not metal, that maintains a frictionless […]

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Imperial Cylindrical Bearings Uses and Applications

Blog | June 12th, 2017

The metric system is a well-established standard in many nations, with its kilometres and litres dominating every application in those countries, but it’s still considered an alternative measurement system in some industrial centres, including America. Predominantly, it’s the imperial measurement system that rules these locales. Happily, a number of lead engineering facilities cater for both […]

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