Month: December 2018

Different Types of Groove Bearings

Blog | December 17th, 2018

There’s a bearing family that’s equipped with different types of groove geometry. They look a little like overly complex pulleys, with their grooves curving inwards around their rims. Well-suited as thread or wire guiding wheels, groove bearings suit a number of target applications. For instance, on hoist equipment, G-grooves accommodate wire ropes. Like other bearing […]

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Why Accurate Cage Selection is Essential for Reliable, Long-term Bearing Operation

Blog | December 3rd, 2018

Looking back a few posts, we seem to be missing a critical part of a bearing’s anatomy. The glossy races and structure rings are there, as are the hardened and ultra-smooth rolling elements. The cage, though, where is this roller retaining section? Correcting this oversight, let’s see which cage types are most viable. Using that […]

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