Month: January 2019

How Do Ball Bearings Reduce Friction of Moving Parts?

Blog | January 29th, 2019

Ball bearings are what most folks think about when they imagine rolling elements. Sure, a proprietary roller type will handle a predetermined frictional load, but these elements aren’t exactly versatile. They’re built to satisfy specialized rotating applications. As for ball bearings, they can rotate in any direction, as directed by multiple loading forces. Ball Bearings […]

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What are Extra Precision Bearings?

Blog | January 17th, 2019

Mechanical parts fall into one of a handful of categories. At one end of the component spectrum, larger-than-life parts provide accurate movement, but the design gurus focus on kinetic power, not precision. At the loftier end of that scale, smaller, finely fabricated moving pieces are responsible for super-accurate fractional movement. Falling most definitely into that […]

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