3 Signs Your Electric Motor Needs to be Replaced as Soon as Possible

November 18, 2021

When powering up machines and appliances, manufacturers would often prefer electric motors over others due to their accompanying functionalities. 

Electric motors work by producing a force, which develops whenever interaction happens between the magnetic field and winding alternating or direct current. The same force will then generate a torque on a wire loop, causing the motor to spin and carry out the operations of the machines and appliances. With their working principles, electric motors can save more initial, operating, and upkeep costs compared to other motor types as they only contain minimal moving parts. They are also energy-efficient.

Now, you can only utilise the full benefits of your electric motor if it still works optimally. If your electric motor, however, manifests the following signs, then you may have to replace it as soon as possible.

  1. Vibrating Excessively

Whenever your electric motor operates, it is expected to vibrate slightly. But if it starts to vibrate excessively, then it may already possess some issues. There are numerous possible reasons why your electric motor vibrates excessively. First, its gears may have already deteriorated. It may likewise contain some loose foundations. Your electric motor might also have misalignment or imbalance issues. Fixing these issues might be able to save your electric motor. However, if it continues to vibrate excessively, it will only damage your machine or appliance. Hence, you must replace it right away.

  • Overheating Constantly

Another sign that your electric motor needs urgent replacement is if it overheats constantly. The operating temperature of an electric motor must always be at an optimal level to ensure that it can stay efficient and functional. But if its temperature exceeds its recommended operating temperatures, then it is overheating. Your electric motor may overheat due to compatibility issues, usage of the wrong voltage supply, and improper use. It can likewise overheat if it is situated in an area that lacks ventilation and possesses high temperatures. Replacing your electric motor as soon as possible saves you from more expenses.

  • Performing Badly

One more sign that tells you to replace your electric motor immediately is if it performs poorly or badly. As the primary user of the electric motor, you will easily know whether your machine or appliance remains to be functional or not. Various factors can lead to electric motors behaving poorly. These factors are motor overloading, short cycling, faulty electrical supply, and physical and environmental conditions. With a faulty electric motor, you may eventually notice that your energy bills are increasing significantly. Replacing the electric motor can save you from expenses and preserve the performance of your machine or appliance.

The electric motor of your machine or appliance must be replaced right away if it manifests the previously stated signs. To know more about electric motors, you can call us at Global Bearing Imports. We offer superior service and reliability to meet your needs for both large and small enquiries.

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