3 Ways to Optimise the Performance of Your NILOS-Rings

January 6, 2022

NILOS-rings have been maximised by a lot of manufacturers as they can provide a lot of benefits.

One of the benefits of NILOS-rings is that they can effectively prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from infiltrating the bearings. With NILOS-rings, any equipment pieces that utilise various bearing types can function optimally. Another benefit of NILOS-rings is that they are durable and strong against abrasions and scratches. NILOS-rings can be made from stainless steel, brass, or galvanised steel. Since these materials are known to be durable, NILOS-rings are expected to last for a very long time.

Tons of industries can take advantage of NILOS-rings. These industries are agriculture, automotive, construction, paper, and mining industries. But before they can be effective, some things must be done first so that their performance will be optimised. If you will be maximising NILOS-rings for your applications, then here are some great ways to optimise their performance.

  1. Apply Proper Lubrication

One way to optimise the performance of your NILOS-rings is to lubricate their S-shaped sealing grooves. Lubricating the sealing grooves with grease can easily prevent any damages that may develop on the rings’ sealing tongues. If your bearings, however, will be submerged and exposed to a huge volume of water, then you must fill the grease chamber of the NILOS-rings with a water-repellent sealing grease. Once proper lubrication is conducted, you do not have to maintain your NILOS-rings regularly.

  • Rotate the Sealing Edge

Another great way to optimise the performance of your NILOS-rings is to rotate their sealing edge properly. When rotating the sealing edge of the rings, you must do it with light pressure against the inner or outer ring of the bearings. As the sealing edge is rotated, your NILOS-rings can generate a shallow groove in the hardened bearing rings. Proper rotation of the NILOS-rings can help prevent the loss of lubrication as well as mitigate the infiltration of debris.

  • Follow Space Requirements

NILOS-rings must be allocated with minimal space before they can be installed fully. One parameter that must be considered when allocating their space is the installation height. Installation height (h) pertains to the overall height that the NILOS-rings can be installed without compromising the sealing action. Adding 1mm of space to the installation height (h+1) subsequently pertains to the space needed to install the NILOS-rings. Following these requirements can prevent the rings from distorting.

NILOS-rings can be maximised in most types of ball and roller bearings. To maximise NILOS-rings, you can call us at Global Bearing Imports. We have extensive experience in sourcing and supplying many types of bearings for all industrial and automotive applications. Our extensive network of worldwide suppliers gives us access to inventory 24 hours a day for 52 weeks of the year. We are experienced in identifying and locating difficult types of bearings and are often able to supply within 7 days of confirmed orders.

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