A Quick Overview of Needle Roller Bearings

October 11, 2021

Machines are comprised of components that can make them work optimally. One of the components that a lot of machines utilise is the bearing.

Bearings are machine components that can restrict the movement of other machine parts to only the desired motion. They can likewise help in minimising the friction between moving machine parts. The functions of the bearings are made possible as they can guide the movement of the machine parts that are relative to one another as well as transmit forces.

Most bearings are comprised of rolling elements, rings or discs with raceways, and a cage. All these components help them carry out the previously stated functions.

An Introduction to Needle Roller Bearings

To date, bearings can be grouped into various types. One type of bearings is the needle roller bearing. It is a special type of bearing that maximises cylindrical rollers with small diameters. It also features a large surface area that interacts with the bearing raceway journals. The composition of this bearing helps it reduce the friction of the rotating surface and offer high load-carrying capacity. It likewise helps the needle roller bearing in withstanding oscillation or repetitive movement.

Needle roller bearings come in a wide array of styles. Some options for needle roller bearings include single row, double row, split cage, or solid.

Needle Roller Bearings’ Known Variations

Manufacturers of needle roller bearings may come in numerous variations. Here are some elements that can be distinctive for different needle roller bearing variations.

  • Sealing Option: Needle roller bearings may possess different sealing options. Some may opt for one seal, while others can go for two seals. The seals for these bearings are often lip-contact seals, ensuring that applications can obtain positive sealing and low drag.
  • Closed Ends: Drawn-cup needle roller bearings may feature one end closed so that positive sealing can be achieved. The open end can then be sealed so that contaminants are prevented.
  • Relubrication: Although needle roller bearings already have lubrication, some types of these bearings may possess relubrication provisions for prolonged use. Needle roller bearings intended for heavy-duty use often have a lubrication groove and oil hole for relubrication purposes. Inner rings of these bearings can likewise possess these provisions.

Factors Affecting Bearings’ Performance

Just like other types of bearings, needle roller bearings can also be affected by various factors. Some of these factors are the following.

  • Lubrication: Needle roller bearings lubricated with oil can yield great performance since they can remove contaminants and permit higher operating speed. With proper lubrication, the life of the bearings can be extended for a long time.
  • Raceway Properties: Another factor that affects the bearings’ performance is the raceway properties. If a needle roller bearing has a raceway with reliable hardness, good surface finish, and cylindrical structure, then it can easily operate optimally.

Given the features of needle roller bearings, they are truly effective in applications related to the automotive, electronics, and oil and gas industries. To know more about them, you can contact us at Global Bearing Imports.

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