Advantages of Thin Section Bearings for Technologically Advanced Machines

December 3, 2019

Thin section bearings are machine parts that are very vital for the performance of almost every contraption invented by man. They have changed with the time and needs, and today have evolved into thin section bearings, a type which is used for technologically advanced machinery that requires utmost precision. These are extremely useful in highly precision processes in industries such as aviation, marine, aerospace, robotics, and even medicine.

Thin Section Bearings are Quiet and Accurate

Thin Section Bearings are known for their quietness in running machines and also for their high accuracy standards. This is ideal for technologically advanced machines since they are able to carry all three types of loadings – radial, axial, and moment – simultaneously.

Small in Size but Efficient

Thin section bearings are considered advantageous for technologically advanced machines since they  have high weight carrying capacity which is comparatively much more efficient. They flaunt extremely small, chiefly square-shaped cross-sections that remain constant regardless of the shaft diameters.


One aspect of thin section bearings is its cross section. The cross-section is the foremost aspect that sets thin section bearings apart from the regular ones. Moreover, the cross-section also allows for the prices of thin section bearings to be kept low and reasonable, complementing the design aspect which helps in saving space. They also have particularly vital uses where shaft location is a central need.

Appropriate for Sophisticated Systems

Manufacturers of thin-section bearings have developed an array of design and manufacturing options so bearings can be tailored to precise and demanding requirements of sophisticated systems. For example, they can manufacture these bearings in bore diameters up to 52 inches or in higher precision classes than those available for standard bearings.

Technologically advanced machines need special manufacturing techniques to maximise positioning accuracy, smoothness, stiffness, and reliability, while minimizing drive torque requirements, vibration, and noise or hash. A hash is a torque variation due to surface roughness. For example, manufacturers can tailor bearing stiffness or torque characteristics to specific requirements. Moreover, they can supply special materials and surface coatings to minimise out-gassing under high-vacuum conditions.

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