An Overview of Zen Bearings Company

December 8, 2016

Zen Bearings Company or the Zen Group is a family-owned company that is based in Germany. It produces a wide assortment of ball bearings ranging from miniature to stainless steel ones. Over the forty years that it has been in business, the company has gained respect within the industry for its quality products and innovations. It delivers its products worldwide in order to service its clients in a timely, effective manner. Even though the company has various locations throughout the world, each one is governed by its High German standards.

Zen’s Managing Concept

The German-style, rigorous managing concept that Zen utilises throughout its various location is the reason that this company offers top-quality products. As a result, this managing approach keeps its quality control consistent throughout its locations for both products and customer service.

Zen Locations

Zen began its business over forty years ago in Germany. Today, it also has locations in Hong Kong, China, England, France and Spain to better serve their global clients.

The Company Works with Quality Suppliers

Today, Zen works with reputable, quality suppliers in China with a variety of ventures to produce big ball, roller and stainless bearings. On top of this and the fact of the Quality Control Inspection Facilities that Zen operates in accordance with its High German standards, the Zen Group provides the best quality products imaginable to meet their clients’ needs.

Zen Provides an Extensive Collection of Bearings

The Zen Group offers an extensive assortment of bearings, including over 1000 different miniature types, a selection of thin bearings, popular metric ones, three-part thrust versions, various kinds of non-standard bearings along with other styles. Zen also can customise versions of its bearings to adhere to the unique specifications of its clients. Through the efforts of Zen, a variety of industries from food processing to medical ones benefit from the company’s quality bearings. An additional advantage of dealing with Zen is the fact that it fills both small and large orders. All Zen bearings adhere to both the ISO and DIN certified standards of quality control and this helps this manufacturing company be a leader in its industry.

We bring you this brief history of the Zen Bearings Company to exhibit why we here at Global Bearings highly recommend this brand of bearings for your use. Our company also will provide you with a free quote upon request, and additional facts and information through our News section and blog entries. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn all the products that we will deliver to you in a timely manner to fulfil your needs.

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