Best Applications for Linear Motion Bearings

October 12, 2020

A bearing basically prevents the contact between two elements that are in relative motion and only set the movement to the desired motion. Aside from preventing contact, this specific machine element can likewise reduce the friction between these two elements. The designs available for bearings usually revolve around their motions, type of operations, and the directions of the loads.

One type of bearings that are typically utilised in applications that require linear movement in one direction is known as linear motion bearings. This type of bearings typically relies on drive mechanisms so that they can effectively carry or transport a load or perform the desired movement or action.

To date, linear motion bearings can be used in different applications. These applications are as follows:

CNC Machine Tools

Computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools usually carry out tasks that have been automated and instructed by a computer. The movements available for these machine tools can be abundant, especially if they are assisted by components that will allow them to do any activity. Some tools rely on one or more axes, which then maximises doors and other auxiliary systems to execute the desired motion. The execution of this motion, however, can be hugely affected by the tool door size and contamination. Fortunately, the integration of the appropriate linear motion bearings can easily resolve these issues.

Palletising Systems

Palletising systems that are mostly used in packaging plants typically operate for long hours under extreme uptime requirements. Given their working conditions, these systems would typically challenge the reliability and performance of their components. And if the linear motion components of these systems do not have adequate lubrication or have been misaligned, then the packaging plant may expect them to wear ahead of their service life. As linear motion bearings are used for these systems, they must be subjected under regular lubrication to effectively reduce metal-on-metal contact.

Laser Engraving Systems

Another application that maximises the basic features of linear motion bearings is the laser engraving systems. Automated laser engraving systems are utilised to make plain glass more appealing to the eyes. However, they are bombarded with problems when it comes to their linear motion. The linear axes of these systems must be properly aligned. They must also resist contamination effectively. With the correct design and material for linear motion bearings, these mentioned challenges of the laser engraving systems can be easily resolved, helping them perform smooth laser engraving over any given surface.

Medical Imaging Systems

Aside from industrial applications, the medical industry can likewise utilise the properties of linear motion bearings. Medical imaging systems are mostly comprised of complicated electronic elements and mechanical components that must all work together for the systems to effectively work. These systems, which may include traditional X-ray machines, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and position emission tomography, all maximise linear motion bearings so that they can guide and support the motorised beds. These bearings also make the scanning elements intact and work effectively.

These machine tools and systems can readily maximise the capabilities of linear motion bearings. If you need more information about these bearings, feel free to contact us at Global Bearing Imports.

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