Boosting the Performance of Machines with Speed Reducers

April 28, 2021

Machines that are being used in different applications are normally run by motors and other components to perform their respective functions and processes. And through the generation of power from their motors, these machines can work optimally and consistently for a very long time.

There is, however, a component that can provide more benefits and advantages to the overall performance of machines. This component is known as the speed reducer. A speed reducer is a gear train that can be found between the machine and its motor. As the name implies, the sole purpose of the speed reducer is to reduce the speed of the input power source that is being transmitted between the said elements. The reduction of speed is carried out by duplicating the torque that is being produced by the input power source, expanding the measure of usable work along the way.

Working Principles of Speed Reducers

To effectively duplicate the torque measurement and expand the measure of usable work, the speed reducer typically performs critical processes.

The speed reducer can increase the torque and decrease the speed through its core parts. It has an output gear that is comprised of more teeth than the input gear. This structure alone allows the output gear to reduce the speed of the input and increase the torque even if it generally rotates slowly.

Speed reducers may come in various types. Some of these types are parallel axis gear speed reducer, helical speed reducer, bevel gear speed reducer, hypoid speed reducer, and worm speed reducer. The way some of these speed reducers are designed and work varies. However, they are all designed to carry out the general purposes of reducing speed and increasing torque.  

Notable Benefits and Advantages

The performance of machines can be boosted by speed reducers thanks to their accompanying benefits.

One benefit of utilising speed reducers in machines is that they can provide a boost in terms of torque measurement. Once these components are directly connected to the motor output shaft, the machines can enjoy a significant enhancement over their general performance. For instance, a motor that normally generates 17.5 N/mm of torque can eventually produce 87.5 N/mm of torque once a reducer is installed.

Aside from torque boosts, speed reducers can also reduce output speed to maintain machine performance. The presence of a speed reducer on a motor that runs at 1,000 rpm can decrease the latter’s speed output to 200 rpm, allowing the machine to operate efficiently even at reduced speeds.

Speed reducers can likewise save resources, particularly operational costs and energy consumption. Since they can multiply torque and reduce speed, they can effectively reduce the overall operating costs of a system or machine. Speed reducers also do not truly require frequent maintenance, which reduces the costs of repairs significantly. As for energy consumption, speed reducers can significantly reduce the motor power consumption of a machine, decreasing the overall emission of greenhouse gases. 

Obtain High-Quality Speed Reducers

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