Bronze Bushings Supplier in Melbourne: What are they Used For?

September 28, 2020

Bronze, as a material, is an alloy that is primarily composed of copper paired with other metals such as aluminium, manganese, nickel, or zinc. Arsenic, phosphorus, or silicon can also be added with copper to produce bronze. Numerous industries utilise the properties of bronze in fabricating their products and components. For instance, industrial companies maximise bronze in creating bushings and bearings. 

The low metal on metal friction of bronze makes it ideal for bushings and bearings. After all, these hardware devices are frequently installed and assembled with other metal products. Bronze bushings also possess more features and benefits that make them recommended for specific applications.

Properties of Bronze Bushings

Bushings made from bronze possess great properties and features that can significantly enhance their performance and effectiveness. For one, the bronze composition of bronze bushings helps them obtain adequate corrosion resistance that will enhance their longevity. Even if these bushings are exposed to corrosive elements, they can easily withstand their effects and continue performing as intended. 

The bronze material itself can likewise effectively perform and operate under extreme temperatures, which enhances the overall durability of bronze bushings. Applications that would require working under high temperatures can use bronze bushings and expect them to work optimally.

Another great property of bronze bushings is their resistance to friction, shock, and wear. Most bushings are used in moving parts and components. Without friction and wear resistance, these hardware devices can easily deteriorate after numerous long-time machine operations. Fortunately, bronze bushings are durable enough to withstand and resist the damages that can be generated by excessive friction or force.

Many industrial applications maximise bronze bushings due to their ease of machinability and formability. The time and power that are required for fabricating high-quality bronze bushings are less than other steel types, which can positively affect their overall costs. Additionally, bronze bushings can be brazed and soldered easily. 

Applications of Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings are durable and long-lasting, which makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Their hard and strong features allow the bushings to be sustainable in the long run as they can effectively resist heat, shock, impact, and corrosion. And with the application of an external lubricant, these bronze bushings can easily provide great protection from friction and wear.

Two of the most popular bronze bushing materials that are utilised in various applications are oilite and copper. Oilite is oil-impregnated bronze bushings that are formed through powder metallurgy. This type of bronze bushings can work on both high- and low-speed machinery, high- and low-temperature equipment, and food-grade applications. Copper, alternatively, have high corrosive resistance that makes this type of bronze bushings recommended for marine applications. The applications of bronze bushings are abundant. They can be used in low-speed, high-load, and severe-duty industrial applications without expecting them to deteriorate anytime soon. Machine and devices that are used for metal manufacturing, food processing, injection moulding, automotive components, earthmoving machinery, pump fabrication, and other applications can all utilise the benefits and properties of bronze bushings.

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