How to Prolong the Service Life of Your Electric Motor

July 7, 2021

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Their mechanical torque generally comes from the interaction between the motors’ conductors that carry the current and their respective magnetic field. The arrangement of these components inside the electric motors may vary. Even their control over mechanical output torque, speed, and the position may be different.

But no matter what type of electric motor you utilise, they must all be inspected and maintained regularly to sustain their overall performance. Regular maintenance and upkeep of electric motors can also prolong their service life, minimising the need to spend some money on buying new motors.

The following are some steps that you can do to prolong the service life of your electric motor.

Perform Preliminary Inspections

There are two types of inspections that you should do to your electric motor. One of these inspections is visual inspection. This specific inspection entails the assessment of your motor’s physical condition. If you have spotted some signs of corrosion and dirt or debris accumulation on some of its components, then you have to service it right away. You must also check if there are any issues with overheating. 

Another type of inspection that you should conduct is the brush and commutator inspection. This type of inspection is conducted to check if your motor can operate consistently. You may want to find some signs of wear and tear and determine if they are already excessive. Once your motor has obtained significant wear and tear, then it may lead to commutator issues that affect the integrity of its functions. Some parts of the motor that you should check include the commutator, motor mount, rotor, stator, and belts.

Conduct Performance Tests

Aside from preliminary inspections, you must also conduct some tests to check the condition of your electric motor. Two tests that you should conduct are the motor winding test and the vibration test.

If the windings of your motor have obtained some burn marks or cracks, then the motor winding test must be done immediately. This test is done by disassembling the motor. If the windings overheat during the motor operations, then their damages may be already serious. This test also involves the rewinding of the motor and testing of wind insulation to check the resistance level of your windings.

The vibration test, on the other hand, helps you understand the situation of your motor after being exposed to vibrations. With continuous exposure to excessive vibrations, your electric motor may obtain issues that could shorten its service life. This specific test is done by removing the belts, disconnecting the load, and operating the motor. A field vibration analysis can then be done to measure the frequency and amplitude of vibrations during operations.

Check the Motor Components

After conducting inspections and tests, you must remember to check the components of your electric motor. Those that have cracks, dents, rust, and other damaging elements are recommended to be fixed or replaced. Some of these components include bearings and windings. Just make sure that you hire professionals so that they can truly maintain your electric motors effectively and safely.

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