Obtain Your Needed Machine Elements from Global Bearing Imports

March 25, 2022

Machines have been useful in conducting a wide array of manufacturing processes. Some processes that machines can carry out are turning, drilling, and milling.

What is common about machines is they often rely on machine elements for them to move. A machine element is a mechanical part that is installed in a machine. It can typically carry out a unique function and can only work with its associated parts. It can also ensure that the machine can handle any forces it may encounter during its operations without expecting any failure.

A wide array of machine elements can be acquired by various industries in the market today. However, if you want quality machine elements, you must purchase them from us at Global Bearing Imports. Here are some machine elements that we can gladly offer to you.


One popular machine element today is the bearing. Bearings intend to prevent direct contact of two metal parts, allowing them to move smoothly throughout the machine operations. At Global Bearing Imports, we can offer these machine elements in various shapes and sizes. We also sell bearings made from different quality materials, allowing you to attain maximum efficiency, performance, durability, and reliability. You can use our bearings for your engine, conveyor pulleys, motors, and wind turbines.


Shafts are machine elements that can transfer torque and mechanical power between two machine components. These long, cylindrical components are often utilised whenever the distance between two components is long. They are also used if the machine components operate in varying environments. Shafts may be solid or hollow. Solid shafts are compact. Hollow shafts, alternatively, have greater load-carrying capacities. Our shafts can be used for motors, pumps, camshafts, and crankshafts.


The connection of rotating in-line shafts can be established through couplings. Couplings are machine elements that can transfer power between these machine components. Couplings can be flexible or rigid. Flexible couplings can absorb any mounting errors, minor misalignments, shocks, and vibration between the shafts. Rigid couplings, alternatively, do not permit axial or radial motion between shafts. Couplings from Global Bearing Imports can be used for generators, paddle streamers, and car differentials.


Fasteners are machine elements that can hold two or more machine components together. They generate temporary joints that can be disassembled whenever necessary. What makes fasteners great for machines is they can protect them from high pressures, vibration, and excessive forces. Different types of fasteners can be used and installed on machines. These fasteners are rivets, nuts, bolts, and screws. They are made from alloy steel and stainless steel due to their long-lasting qualities.

To obtain these valuable machine elements for your machines, you can contact us at Global Bearing Imports. Our extensive network of worldwide suppliers gives us access to an inventory of valuable machine elements 24 hours a day for 52 weeks of the year.

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