Optimising the Performance of NILOS Ring Seals

January 13, 2021

Industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, and automotive mostly utilise NILOS ring seals to effectively protect the ball and roller bearings against dirt and debris. And as they maximise the said ring seals, these industries can fully maximise their advantages and expect them to work effectively.

NILOS ring seals are known to provide bearings with great protection due to their galvanised steel construction. Alternatively, they can also come in stainless steel and brass build, which would ultimately depend on a specific application. Most NILOS ring seals can work exceptionally with bearings that are lubricated with grease and can resist friction. They can likewise work even under extreme conditions.

When using NILOS ring seals, there are a couple of things that can be done to optimise their performance. Some of these things are as follows.

Correct Lubrication

The S-shaped sealing grooves that can be found on NILOS ring seals must be filled with grease first before mounting them for the first time. Adding some grease can help these ring seals avoid damages on their sealing tongue. Externally sealing NILOS ring seals can likewise be filled with grease before their installation. Adding lubrication to NILOS ring seals mostly save them from additional maintenance.

Sealing Application

The sealing of the NILOS ring seals must be rotated under light pressure against the bearing’s inner or outer ring whenever they are being installed. The rotation movement of the sealing allows the ring seals to form a shallow groove, which can be very helpful in preserving lubrication as well as preventing entry of debris. The sealing edge of inner-sealing NILOS ring seals are smaller and have a more favourable position, which makes them more beneficial than other types of ring seals.

Precise Positioning

The sealing edge of the NILOS ring seals must run in concentric location so that miniature labyrinth groove can develop during the run-in. Users of externally sealing rings must fit the bore close to the shaft, while users of internally sealing rings must position the outside edge centrally within the casing hole. Bear in mind that the locating diameter must not be close to keyways. The inner and outer edges of the ring’s inside recess must also not be on or in threads, thread runouts, or sections that are hollow or pushed-up.

Space Requirement

Following the recommended parameters in installing NILOS ring seals can effectively optimise their performance. Additionally, adhering to their space requirement prevents these ring seals from encountering ring distortion whenever they are installed and used.

Appropriate Usage

NILOS ring seals can be effective in sealing self-aligning or spherical roller bearings that are intended for high load-carrying capacities. Alternatively, they may be deemed to be less useful once misalignment would be a common issue and condition within applications.

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