Primary Advantages and Applications of Bronze Bushings

February 11, 2021

A bushing is a type of bearing that is normally placed into the housing to effectively provide a bearing surface for specific rotary applications. This specific type of bearing can help improve the efficiency of an operation. It is usually shaped like a tube or sleeve, helping it minimise energy usage, noise, and wear.

One material that is often used in creating bushings is bronze. Bronze is an alloy that is comprised of copper, tin, and other elements that make up the material’s overall composition and properties. Parts and products that are made from bronze usually boast great qualities such as resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures, high ductility, and respectable strength.

Primary Advantages of Bronze Bushings

Given the properties of bronze, bushings that are made from this material can surely provide advantages to a wide variety of applications.

One great advantage of bronze bushings is that they have excellent corrosion resistance. Many applications that utilise bushings and bearings are often exposed to corrosive elements. Without choosing the right bushing materials, the entire operation and performance of an industry can be negatively affected. Fortunately, bronze bushings can resist corrosion given that they have an additional protective layer which prevents corrosive elements from entering.

Another advantage of bronze bushings over other materials is their ability to operate at high temperatures. They can effectively conduct heat better than most steels. They can even conduct electricity. These features alone can already benefit many industries, especially during the critical parts of an operation. Bronze bushings can likewise be advantageous for industries as they do not wear easily. Even with continuous use, they are still capable of resisting friction that often causes problems.

Other notable advantages of bronze bushings include ease of machinability, the ability to be brazed and soldered, excellent surface finishes, high dimensional precision, resistance to metal fatigue, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. 

Main Applications of Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings can be made from sintered bronze or cast bronze. Oil-impregnated bronze bushings, which are made from sintered bronze, are typically maximised in applications that deal with both high and low speeds. These bushings can also be used in high and low-temperature applications.

Cast bronze, alternatively, can make bronze bushings more resistant to corrosion. The use of cast bronze for bronze bushings allows them to be truly useful for wet environments and surroundings.

Bronze bushings are often utilised in ship propellers, submerged bearings, small electric motors, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment. Industries that maximise the properties and qualities of bronze bushings include iron and steel manufacturing, food processing, and automobile.

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