Reasons to Choose Zen Products from Global Bearings Imports Pty ltd

March 20, 2020

Different machines utilise the presence of bearings over their components. Bearings are often used to restrict relative motion to only the desired motion. They also enable rotational or linear movement of machine components. Moreover, bearings also reduce the friction between moving parts, which prevents wear and offers extended use of machines at high speeds.

To meet different demands of industrial applications, manufacturers have crafted numerous types of bearing designs. These designs include ball bearings, roller bearings, ball thrust bearings, and many more. Some common applications of these bearing designs include concrete mixtures, rope conveyors, steam and gas turbines, electric motors, centrifugal pumps, car transmissions, helical gear, conveyor, and many more.

Since bearings are used in a lot of industrial and even commercial applications, they must be manufactured by a reputable company. Fortunately, ZEN offers bearings and other products that can meet the demand of the market right now. For your bearing needs, here are some notable reasons why ZEN products are recommended for you.

Rich Experience

ZEN products have been around in the bearing manufacturing industry for almost three decades now. The ZEN group was established in Germany in 1992. Within the year, the group built their first bearing factory on the outskirts of Shanghai, hoping that businesses would buy and support their offerings. Today, ZEN has obtained 22 distributors and has been supplying products and services to 18 countries around the globe. From one bearing factory, they are now operating three factories that all follow high German standards. To date, ZEN is constantly producing millions of bearings every month.

Product Offerings

Tied in with their long years of manufacturing experience, ZEN is now capable of producing different types of high-quality products. Through their Research and Development engineers, the company now knows the type and quality of products needed by industries related to chemical and food processing, aerospace, automotive, and many more. Some products that they can offer include linear bearing, special dimension bearings, one-way clutch bearings, cast iron housings, rod ends, track rollers, and many more. These products may be made from metal, Teflon, or rubber.

Quality Control

The manufacturing power and knowledge of ZEN are all governed by their comprehensive quality check. The whole product assembly will start with a visual inspection, where trained professional eyes check and determine and discrepancies or visual faults to their products. Then, the products will be subject to radial clearance tolerance testing. Highly calibrated machines are used to ensure that the products’ tolerances adhere to the DIN standards of German TUV.

Aside from tolerance testing, the products will also undergo inner and outer tolerance tests. This specific test measures the precise dimensions of the bearing following the DIN standards. Next, products will proceed to noise testing. With this test, highly sensitive microphones are placed to measure and identify audible peaks of rotating bearings. Any audible peaks can indicate faults to the raceways or possible grease pollution. Any imbalance, play, and misalignment of bearings are then determined and identified through vibration testing. The last test for products will be the Rockwell test, which verifies the hardness of the material through measuring the depth of penetration under load.

These qualities make the ZEN company a great choice for your bearing needs. To purchase ZEN products, you can contact us now at Global Bearings Imports. We know how ZEN manufacture their products, so we guarantee you that using their products will surely yield great results over your machine and equipment.

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