Reasons Why Bearing Lubrication and Alignment are Very Important

September 9, 2021

The mechanical components of devices, tools, and other machinery must be designed carefully for them to work fully. Hence, most industries would integrate small yet vital elements into their devices, tools, and other machinery.

One vital element that they would typically integrate is the bearing. A bearing is a machine element that can be installed with other critical system components. This element makes sure that the friction inside a system will be reduced, which then ensures that its components will rotate smoothly. As the bearing carry out its main function, industries can expect significant savings in terms of their energy use.

But for a bearing to be effective, it must be lubricated and aligned very carefully. The following are some reasons why bearing lubrication and alignment are very crucial to industries.

Avoids Excessive Vibrations

Proper alignment of bearings is crucial to industries since it can avoid excessive vibrations during daily operations. Bearings that are not aligned properly will only generate unnecessary vibration in devices, tools, and other pieces of machinery. As the excessive vibrations continue, the service life of the bearings may reduce gradually until they cannot work optimally anymore. Knowing the recommended alignment of bearings can minimise extraneous vibrations and prolong their overall service life.

Prevents Mechanical Wear

Bearings must be lubricated based on the recommendations of their manufacturers to ensure that they will not generate too much friction. Without proper lubrication, the friction inside the equipment may lead to excess heat, which can then pose hazards or risks to anyone around it. The absence of adequate lubrication can likewise cause the bearings and the associated equipment pieces to wear out. Once these things wear out, the operations of industries can be severely affected.

Reduces Costly Maintenance

Bearing lubrication and alignment are both important for industries since they can significantly reduce the need for maintenance, especially if it is unplanned. The lack of proper lubrication and alignment will only force the bearing to promote unnecessary surface contact between system components, generating excessive heat on the system. As the heat damages the bearings, the equipment that utilises them might also get affected, requiring it to be maintained unexpectedly.

Improves Overall Performance

With the correct application of lubricant to the bearings, they are expected to help the equipment carry out its tasks optimally. The same benefit can be attained by the equipment if the bearings are aligned properly. The correct lubrication and alignment of bearings can generally help equipment pieces work according to their primary functions. Since they are operating optimally, businesses that use them can expect significant improvement in their performance and revenue.

Lubrication and alignment of bearings can be complex. However, they can still be achieved with the help of professionals. If you want to know more about bearing lubrication and alignment, you can call us at Global Bearing Imports. We have extensive experience in sourcing and supplying many types of bearings for all industrial and automotive applications. We are also experienced in identifying and locating difficult types of bearings and are often able to supply within seven days of confirmed orders.

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