Speed Reducers Supplier in Melbourne: All About Speed Reducers

May 26, 2020

Industrial and household machines that need to reduce the speed of an electric motor heavily maximise speed reducers. With speed reducers, machines are provided with the needed torque so that they can run safely and efficiently. As a transmission system, speed reducer gearboxes are often used as they offer high complexity and a wide variety of system designs, making them suitable for various application needs and specifications.

Speed Reducers Characteristics

Speed reducers are composed of important elements that enable them to do their main functions. For one, their overall functionality revolves around the concept of torque, which is the rotational force that is expressed in units of kilogram per metre, Newton per metre, or pound per feet. Torque can be equated to a twist of an object around a specific axis. The resulting component of the combination of torque and execution time is power. 

As for the physical element, speed reducers are composed of an electric motor with a specific force specified in horsepower. Their electric motor has an operating speed that is intended for the output shaft. The torque a motor can provide all depends on the motor’s overall characteristics, power, and speed. Aside from the motor, a speed reducer is also comprised of a gearbox, which contains a set of mechanical components that enable proper speed reduction and an increase in torque transmission.

Types of Speed Reducers

Using the correct type of speed reducer for your machine will help you gain numerous advantages. Here are some of the types of speed reducers and their characteristics:

  • Worm Gear Speed Reducers: This type of speed reducers is the most popular on the market right now. They are usually made from steel and feature an input shaft with a worm gear that is cut into the body. Their compact size and excellent levels of efficiency make them suitable for a wide variety of industries.
  • Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers: Most food and bottling processing facilities require a huge amount of power to supply their processes. With parallel shaft speed reducers, they can conveniently generate hundreds if not thousands of units of horsepower. However, these speed reducers can pose a problem when they exceed maximum thermal temperature.
  • Right-Angle Bevel Gear Speed Reducers: Conveyors that need to maintain operational speeds should maximise the capabilities of these speed reducers. These speed reducers are designed to fit around tight corners or 90-degree angles. The only limitation with this type of reducer is that it can only provide a maximum of 10 horsepower due to directional considerations.
  • Helical Shaft Mount Speed Reducers: This type of speed reducers is solely built for driving conveyors. They output a hollow bore in the gear set since they are only available as single reduction units. In almost every setting, helical shaft mount speed reducers can readily provide up to 200 horsepower. 
  • Helical Offset Shaft Speed Reducers: One of the most efficient speed reducers on this list is helical offset shaft speed reducers. They lose only about 3% of their power through each set of gears. These speed reducers also run more quietly compared to other reducers. They come in helical shapes, but the input and output shafts of the gear are not in line with one another. 

Maintaining Speed Reducers

In maintaining speed reducers, you must subject them to tests that will analyse mechanical noise levels and vibrations. Measurement of their optimal torque, particularly the starting torque, output torque, and rated torque, must also be done to ensure proper transmission of the motion and the adaptability of the speed reducers to certain applications. There are more maintenance tips that you can follow with your speed reducers. To know more about speed reducers, just ask us anything at Global Bearings. We have extensive experience in sourcing and supplying many types of speed reducers, bearings, and others for all industrial and automotive applications.

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