StS Couplings from Germany: Available at Global Bearing Imports

July 25, 2017

Couplings play a crucial role in drive technology since they connect two shafts together in such a way that motion can still transfer to one from the other in the proper fashion. For this reason, you should always purchase quality ones for your purposes. We are proud to broadcast the fact that we offer StS Couplings from Germany here are Global Bearing Imports. These couplings come in a variety of models, and all are durable and highly functional.

About StS Coupling GmbH

Since StS Coupling GmbH is a German company, it believes in offering precision, quality products and makes client satisfaction a top priority. In addition, it has extensive experience with the research, design and manufacturing of couplings, and this allows the company to create couplings in an efficient, economical fashion. The location of this company is another benefit of us dealing with it for couplings since the company is near Aschaffenburg, close to motorways A/3 and A5, and to the Rhein-Main-Airport in Frankfurt. As a result, StS ships in a timely manner to its clients. Most importantly, all of StS Products are manufactured in Germany according to the strict regulations of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality systems. Standard and special versions are available upon request.

The Various Types of StS Couplings

StS Coupling GmbH offers a wide assortment of couplings to ensure that it fulfils the demand for these parts for drive technology in an equitable manner. This assortment includes such examples as:

Mellow Bellow couplings are ideal for linear units, special machines, machine tools, pumps with vertical and axial drives, high dynamic portal drives, packaging machines and spindle lifting units.

Servo Insert couplings fulfil needs in a variety of elements ranging from machine tools to precision drives and encoders.

Torsional Flexible couplings are reliable for such uses as automation technology, mechanical engineering, tooling machines, construction machinery and more.

Line Shaft couplings fulfil a need in printing machines, special machines, machine tools, lifting systems, packaging machines, linear units and spindle lifting units.

Examples of Characteristics and Options in StS Couplings

While options and characteristics will differ between the models of StS couplings, the following are some examples of what is available:

• Stainless steel is optional
• With or without keyway
• Wear resistant
• Corrosion resistant
• Low if any maintenance
• Minimal moment of inertia
• Ideal for highly dynamic uses
• Economical
• Vibration damping
• Backlash free
• Electrically isolating

Contact Global Bearing Imports Pty Ltd. for further facts about StS couplings. We partner with this manufacturer to bring its high-quality products to you to fulfil your drive-technology needs in this area.

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