The Advantages of Using Bronze Bushings over Plastic Bushings

August 6, 2021

One type of mechanical element that is often maximised by industries is the bushing. A bushing is a specific type of bearing that can be slid over to materials. One primary purpose of using bushing is to reduce the overall friction of materials. It can likewise minimise energy usage, noise, wear, and shock.

Plenty of materials can be used to generate bushings. But one material that is often used for bushings is plastic. Plastic, generally, is known for its great properties. As a matter of fact, almost all industries maximise different types of plastic in their operations. Plastic bushings have been great for industrial applications due to their cost-effectiveness. They are likewise utilised by many industries due to their predictable wear rate, as this specific characteristic allows industries to replace them before their service life ends. These bushings are also self-lubricating and can resist corrosion and chemicals.

But one more material can be maximised in generating high-quality bushings. Bronze, which is an alloy that is comprised of copper and other metals, can also be used in generating bushings. Bronze bushings can even surpass plastic bushings due to the following reasons:

Wide Range of Choices

One great thing about bronze bushings is that they can be made from different materials. A wide array of alloys and compositions can be utilised to come up with various types of bronze bushings, ensuring that the requirements of every industry and application can be sustained. The different compositions of bronze bushings even make them more valuable and possess better overall qualities than plastic bushings. Two common types of bronze bushings are SAE 841 sintered bronze and cast bronze.

Resistant to Elements

Although plastic bushings can already resist tons of elements in the surroundings, the existence of various elements in bronze bushings can significantly enhance their strength against surrounding elements. Bronze bushings, with the appropriate materials, can easily withstand any form of breakage. They can even withstand corrosive elements, making sure that they can operate for a long time. These bushings can also withstand intense impact, shock, and wear.

Versatile Applications

Bronze bushings may be strong and long-lasting, but they still require proper lubrication. The application of lubricants such as oil or grease can help maintain their service life and reduce friction. Despite these extra steps, bronze bushings undoubtedly are still popular in various industries, especially those that require high-speed and low-load industrial processes. Some industries that can take advantage of bronze bushings are the automotive, manufacturing, and food processing industries.

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