The Pros and Cons of Utilising Adjustable Speed Drives

January 25, 2022

Electric motors are designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. This conversion allows tons of tools, devices, and machines to function based on their intended purposes. To date, these things can obtain their power from either direct current or alternating current sources.

Now, to regulate the frequency of power to the motor, industries would normally maximise adjustable speed drives. Adjustable speed drives are components that consist of electronic components intended to carry out the stated function. They convert the fixed voltage and frequency of the power source to a variable output, helping them provide varying motor speeds and torques for various applications.

Utilising adjustable speed drives can provide advantages and disadvantages to the users. To know more about them, here are some of their notable pros and cons.

Pros of Utilising Adjustable Speed Drives

One of the most notable pros of using adjustable speed drives is that they can provide significant energy savings. Since adjustable speed drives can easily provide different motor speeds and torques, users can expect their electric motors to be more efficient in the long run. 

Aside from energy savings, adjustable speed drives can also be advantageous for users as they can provide a higher degree of motor control to users. Having this particular benefit to users allow electric motors to run from zero RPM to the maximum rated speed in just a short time. Efficient motor starting, reversing, and speed are likewise expected with adjustable speed drives. 

Other notable pros of utilising adjustable speed drives include reduced voltage starting, minimised system maintenance requirements, and enhanced bypass capability. All these benefits allow the adjustable speed drives to be maximised in fans, pumps, conveyors, machine tools, hoists, and cranes.

Cons of Utilising Adjustable Speed Drives

Even though adjustable speed drives are being maximised in a lot of applications, users of these devices must still be aware of their accompanying limitations. One con of utilising adjustable speed drives for electric motors is that they have high initial costs. Energy may be saved significantly but investing in adjustable speed drives would often force the users to spend a lot of money to buy them.

Another limitation of utilising adjustable speed drives is that they tend at low speeds. Adjustable speed drives also have to be maintained regularly and properly.

All the pros and cons of utilising adjustable speed drives are enough to justify their importance to the operations of electric motors and the needs of various industries. To know more about them, you can call us at Global Bearing Imports. 

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