The Significance of Lubricating Bronze Bushings Properly

December 15, 2021

Many mechanical components are maximised by manufacturers to ensure that their products can operate optimally. One component that they utilise is the bushing.

Bushings, which are also called plain bearings or plain bushings, are mechanical components meant to minimise friction between two sliding or interacting surfaces. They can effectively dampen the energy being transmitted to the surfaces without expecting any issues along the way. One popular material that is used for creating bushings is bronze.

Key Qualities of Bronze Bushings

Bronze bushings are being maximised by many manufacturers due to their accompanying qualities.

For one, bronze bushings are strong. Compared to other bushings, bronze bushings can retain their true form and withstand varying elements like impact and wear. Bronze bushings can even resist the devastating effects of corrosion and friction, making them great for high to intense applications. 

Another great thing about bronze bushings is that they are expected to operate at high temperatures. Despite being exposed to high temperatures, bronze bushings will not easily break and deform.

Some industries that can take advantage of bronze bushings’ notable qualities include automotive, food processing, iron and steel manufacturing, and power industries.

The Need for Proper Lubrication

Despite the notable qualities of bronze bushings, they can boast some limitations. And one of the limitations of bronze bushings is their dependence on lubrication.

Unlike other bushings, bronze bushings require an external lubricant regularly before they can work and operate optimally. Lubrication is needed whenever they will be installed. It is also required during their operation, ensuring that they can appropriately minimise friction and wear.

Many users of bronze bushings maximise oil as their lubricant. But to ensure that applications with a substantial load can be carried out effectively, users must opt for grease.

Searching for Alternative Options

The frequency of lubricating bronze bushings can be tiresome, especially if the daily business operations become more demanding. Hence, some business owners opt for alternative options to carry out their operations in a much lighter way.

One alternative option that they would go for is to utilise self-lubricating bushings.

Self-lubricating bushings, as their name implies, do not necessarily need re-lubrication or grease just to minimise friction and carry out their functions. Some self-lubricating bushings utilise a smearing system, wherein small amounts of lubricants are being transferred into the rail or shaft to effectively produce a thin film. Some materials that utilise this specific system are PTFE and polyoxymethylene.

Another system that is maximised in generating self-lubricating bushings is the debris system. Through this system, polymers provide small amounts of viscous lubricants between the shaft and the bearing. The debris then remains between the moving surfaces, making their movement smooth and seamless. The only issue with this system is that it can wear the bushings over time.

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