Things You Need to Know About Cylindrical Roller Bearings

November 4, 2019

Cylindrical roller bearings are designed with cylinders that are used as the rolling components contrary to the use of balls in ball bearings. Due to its innovative design, they can carry a high radial load capacity with high performance and speed. With the help of the cylindrical roller bearings’ structure, it can offer better usage as compared to the rest of its counterparts. However, if you fully consider which type to choose depending on their cost, performance, load capacity and durability; you will be able to find just the right fit for you. Here are the things you need to know about cylindrical roller bearings.

Number of Rings

The cylindrical roller bearings have two rings. These are the inner and outer ring. The two are separated by a set of cylinders which supports both rings and reduces the overall frictional force. The set of cylinders are being held by a rib-like attachment in either inner or outer ring. It is said that the number of cylinders can greatly affect their overall performance due to the function of the said cylinders.


Cylindrical Roller Bearing varies in its uses and purposes. It is often found in the papermaking industry, electric motors, railways, motorcycles, pumps, wind turbines and gearboxes. Although heavily used in such fields, cylindrical roller bearing can also perform its function in other fields due to its durability and efficiency. Cylindrical roller bearings are considered to be one of the most popular and widely-used bearing designs due to the combination of high load capacity, moderate speed rating, and industry uses.


Cylindrical Roller Bearings have three main variations. These are single row, double row and multiple row cylindrical roller bearings. Single row cylindrical roller bearings have one pair of inner and outer ring with one cage attachment and one roller. On one hand, double row cylindrical roller bearings have two sets of inner and outer rings and two rollers and cage. While multiple row cylindrical roller bearings have multiple rings, rollers and cage attachments. They also have high carrying capacity with lower performance as compared to the single and double row cylindrical roller bearings.

Material Composition

Cylindrical roller bearings can be manufactured from different kinds of material depending on where they are intended to use. The most common material used to make cylindrical roller bearings is alloy steel. Alloy steel offers a maximum durability capacity to rings, cage and rollers. Another material that can be used is pressed steel. Pressed steel can enable more performance with high acceleration and speed. However, it will sacrifice the durability of the end product. In other cases, manufacturers use polyamide cages for more efficiency.

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