TIMKEN Engineered Bearings Available at Global Bearings

May 29, 2017

Regardless of your need for engineered bearings, you should search out quality ones to ensure that your projects perform in an optimal way. Global Bearings provides TIMKEN engineered bearings to fulfil your needs in a dependable, quality manner to help you obtain this goal. We share further details in the following facts to further educate on the benefits of purchasing this brand of bearings from our company.

What Are TIMKEN Engineered Bearings?

The engineered bearings from TIMKEN contain quality materials, precision tolerances and proprietary internal measurements. TIMKEN offers the following types of bearings come in various models and all optimally perform in a reliable, consistent way day after day:

• Spherical roller bearings address the challenges and critical stresses that can happen with high radial loads in an effective durable manner. TIMKEN’s innovations in these bearings even extend their lifespan and increase their reliability.

• Tapered roller bearings are specially designed in a high precision way to handle axial and radial loads efficiently, even in the worst conditions.

• Cylindrical bearings from TIMKEN come in single-row, double-row and multi-row versions and help you reduce heat and minimise drag, reduce maintenance costs and extend the equipment lifespan.

• Ball bearings for a wide assortment of uses from farm equipment to electric motors also are available in this brand.

• Thrust bearings of this brand deliver high-quality performance for axial loads at high speeds, loads in difficult conditions and heavy loads. TIMKEN offers both standard and custom versions of these bearings upon request to meet our clients’ needs.

• Plain bearings from TIMKEN are suitable for static oscillatory purposes where misalignment can be an issue.

• Precision bearings address applications that require additional performance beyond what the other TIMKEN bearings provide you. These offer superior rotational accuracy in various precise applications.

• In addition to the above bearings, TIMKEN offers related tools, seals, housed-units, couplings and universal joints, lubrication and lubrication systems, and other products.

Background Information About the TIMKEN Company

TIMKEN designs and manufactures gear drives, chains, belts and other mechanical power transmission components along with bearings and related products. The company employs over 14,000 workers throughout 28 different countries. In addition, the TIMKEN Company is the leading authority on tapered roller bearings.

Consult with our company, Global Bearings, to learn additional facts about TIMKEN engineered bearings. We specialise in bearings and believe in bringing you only the best brands, such as TIMKEN. Our company provides fast, timely and efficient order filling, courteous and effective customer service and high-performing products.

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