Top Qualities to Consider when Choosing the Right Hydraulic Motor for Your Device 02 December 2021

Tons of devices today take advantage of motors so they can operate optimally. One type of motor that these things typically utilise is the hydraulic motor. When powering up machines and appliances, manufacturers would often prefer electric motors over others due to their accompanying functionalities.  When it comes to material handling businesses, they would often maximise conveyor systems in ensuring that their operations will be conducted properly. A conveyor system is a... [Read More]

The Basic Working Principles of Speed Reducers 25 October 2021

Machines are comprised of components that enable them to work optimally. One of the components that can help them carry out their operations is the speed reducer. Machines are comprised of components that can make them work optimally. One of the components that a lot of machines utilise is the bearing. Machines maximise a lot of components so they can function optimally. One of the components that manufacturers often include in creating machines is the bearing. The mechanical components of devices, tools, and other machinery must be designed carefully for them to work fully. Hence, most industries would integrate small yet vital... [Read More]

Primary Considerations in Selecting a Gear Motor 23 August 2021

One machine component that certain industries often maximise is the gear motor. It is a small electric motor that is integrated with a gear reducer or gearhead. One type of mechanical element that is often maximised by industries is the bushing. A bushing is a specific type of bearing that can be slid over to materials. One primary... [Read More]

Top 4 Qualities to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Conveyor Belt for Your Application 23 July 2021

One piece of equipment that has been very helpful in a lot of industries is the conveyor belt. It is a type of conveyor system that can easily transport goods and products in... [Read More]

How to Prolong the Service Life of Your Electric Motor 07 July 2021

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Their mechanical torque generally comes from the interaction between the motors’ conductors... [Read More]

Understanding the Different Types of NILOS Ring Seals 23 June 2021

Bearings are machine elements that can limit the relative motion of moving parts to only the desired motion as well as minimise their friction. These functions allow them to... [Read More]

The Working Principles of Ball Bearings 07 June 2021

Bearings are machine elements that can reduce the friction between moving parts by restricting relative motion to only the desired motion. There are tons of bearing types that... [Read More]

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Timing Belt? 24 May 2021

An engine typically maximises multiple parts for it to function and operate. And one of its parts is the timing belt. A timing belt, which is also known as the timing chain or... [Read More]

An Overview about Ceramic Bearings and Its Applications 09 May 2021

Bearings are often used to support the operations of machines, especially when it comes to constraining their relative motion to only the desired motion. What makes bearings... [Read More]

Boosting the Performance of Machines with Speed Reducers 28 April 2021

Machines that are being used in different applications are normally run by motors and other components to perform their respective functions and processes. And through the... [Read More]

An Overview about the Different Types of Hydraulic Motors 09 April 2021

Many industries maximise hydraulic systems in powering various tools and machines. These systems utilise hydraulic fluid to effectively generate fluid power. The power generated ... [Read More]

Roller vs. Slider Linear Motion Bearings: What are the Differences? 26 March 2021

Linear motion bearings are bearings that are intended to deliver motion in one, single direction. What is great about these bearings is that they can generate much less friction ... [Read More]

An Overview about Sleeve Bearings and Their Applications 12 March 2021

Bearings are hardware components that can effectively support the rotation of a shaft. They are primarily used in a lot of machines and appliances that utilise shafts for... [Read More]

Understanding Pulley Bearings and their Functions 24 February 2021

A bearing is generally described to be one type of machine element that can restrict relative motion to only the desired motion and subsequently minimise friction between moving ... [Read More]

Primary Advantages and Applications of Bronze Bushings 11 February 2021

A bushing is a type of bearing that is normally placed into the housing to effectively provide a bearing surface for specific rotary applications. This specific type of bearing... [Read More]

Most Common Types of Bearings Used in Automobiles 27 January 2021

Automobiles are comprised of parts and components that are intelligently designed to handle all tasks necessary for their core functions. Engines, wheels, and other essential... [Read More]

Optimising the Performance of NILOS Ring Seals 13 January 2021

Industries such as mining, agriculture, construction, and automotive mostly utilise NILOS ring seals to effectively protect the ball and roller bearings against dirt and debris. ... [Read More]

Understanding Couplings and Its Different Types 14 December 2020

A lot of devices and equipment today are utilizing different hardware devices just to carry out their intended functions and purposes. Some of the hardware devices that several... [Read More]

Primary Functions and Applications of Conveyor Belts 04 December 2020

When it comes to moving products from one place to another, several businesses now utilise the capabilities and functionalities of belt conveyor systems compared to the... [Read More]

What are the Different Bearing Lubrication Methods? 22 November 2020

Bearings are mechanical assemblies that can limit the relative motion to the desired motion through the reduction of friction between moving parts. These assemblies are... [Read More]

How Speed Reducers Basically Work? 06 November 2020

Numerous motor and machine parts have been maximising the capabilities of speed reducers. Speed reducers are machine components that can reduce the speed of the motor and the... [Read More]

Bearings or Bushings for Wheels: What are the Main Considerations in Selection? 21 October 2020

Both bearings and bushings can help decrease the friction between two moving parts. Two mechanical parts that can benefit from bearings or bushings are wheels and axles. Wheels... [Read More]

Best Applications for Linear Motion Bearings 12 October 2020

A bearing basically prevents the contact between two elements that are in relative motion and only set the movement to the desired motion. Aside from preventing contact, this... [Read More]

Bronze Bushings Supplier in Melbourne: What are they Used For? 28 September 2020

Bronze, as a material, is an alloy that is primarily composed of copper paired with other metals such as aluminium, manganese, nickel, or zinc. Arsenic, phosphorus, or silicon... [Read More]

Maximising for Longevity: How to Deal with Electric Motor Bearings 10 September 2020

Electric motor bearings play numerous significant roles in electric motors. First, these bearings are intended to support and locate the rotor. They also help in maintaining the ... [Read More]

Electric Motor Bearings: How to Check if They’ve Gone Bad 31 August 2020

Electric motors are machines that run by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most of these motors’ magnetic field interact with electric current for it to... [Read More]

Understanding What Shaft Bearing is All About 12 August 2020

A wide variety of businesses utilises the capabilities of bearings in assembling their pieces of equipment or machinery. A bearing is a piece of hardware component that can... [Read More]

Properties and Applications of Ceramic Bearings 30 July 2020

Most equipment and devices that are being used in heavy industrial activities utilise the abilities of bearings. Bearings are meticulously engineered parts that allow machines... [Read More]

Rust and Corrosion in Bearings: What are the Causes? 13 July 2020

Bearings, with the application of appropriate lubricants, significantly help in reducing friction between two mechanical parts. They also constrain the relative motion of... [Read More]

The 3 Key Variables that Affects Bearing Life 29 June 2020

A bearing is a machine element that plays a crucial role in various mechanical devices. This specific machine element is intended to make components move to the desired motion... [Read More]

How to Choose for Correct Rolling Element Bearing Characteristics 11 June 2020

The way rolling element bearing move and function has been utilised by different applications. However, one key detail to consider in using this bearing is that it has a wide... [Read More]

Speed Reducers Supplier in Melbourne: All About Speed Reducers 26 May 2020

Industrial and household machines that need to reduce the speed of an electric motor heavily maximise speed reducers. With speed reducers, machines are provided with the needed... [Read More]

About Rotary Bearings: Common Questions and Answers 15 May 2020

One of the most important machine components to date is bearings. Bearings are comprised of smooth rollers or metal balls that help reduce friction between moving parts in... [Read More]

An Overview About Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings 22 April 2020

Different industrial applications are using ball bearings as part of their specific equipment and machines. Ball bearings are intended to connect two machine members as their... [Read More]

How to Prevent Ball Bearing Failure 08 April 2020

Different machines, appliances, and devices that are used in commercial and industrial applications have ball bearings to make them work. Without ball bearings, some assembly will not be as effective ... [Read More]

Reasons to Choose Zen Products from Global Bearings Imports Pty ltd 20 March 2020

Different machines utilise the presence of bearings over their components. Bearings are often used to restrict relative motion to only the desired motion. They also enable rotational or linear... [Read More]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Roller Chains 12 March 2020

There is one great method of transmitting mechanical power from one place to another. This method is done through a chain drive, which utilises a roller chain and sprocket gear. The teeth of the gear ... [Read More]

Myths about Bearing Lubrication 28 February 2020

Correct lubrication in bearings is very critical to their performance. Strictly speaking, the lubricant in a bearing directly affects its maximum running speed, temperature, torque level, noise... [Read More]

The Impact of Contaminants in Bearing Life 07 February 2020

Turbine engines, vehicles, construction equipment, and other types of machinery utilise the use of machine elements. This specific element makes them move and function smoothly without any signs of... [Read More]

Reasons Why Ball Bearings Fail 23 January 2020

To maintain the separation of bearing races, a ball bearing is deployed. This type of rolling-element bearing reduces rotation friction and supports loads of the rotating assembly. At least three... [Read More]

Extreme Conditions that Impact Bearing Life 09 January 2020

Almost all manufacturing facilities of food, steel fabrication, aerospace, marine, automotive, medical devices, and others use rolling-element bearings. These bearings are among the most significant... [Read More]

Ball Bearings vs. Sleeve Bearings: What is the Difference? 12 December 2019

Generally, bearings are made to carry load and facilitate motion. As a result, they have a wide range of applications. They are commonly incorporated in automobiles, computer fans, washing machines... [Read More]

Advantages of Thin Section Bearings for Technologically Advanced Machines 03 December 2019

Thin section bearings are machine parts that are very vital for the performance of almost every contraption invented by man. They have changed with the time and needs, and today have evolved into... [Read More]

The Importance of Effective Sealing Systems in the Conveyor Bearing Life 22 November 2019

Let\'s not beat around the bush, bearings won\'t enjoy a long work life if their internal workings are contaminated. In all honesty, that\'s one of the few weak points of their design. Ultimately,... [Read More]

Things You Need to Know About Cylindrical Roller Bearings 04 November 2019

Cylindrical roller bearings are designed with cylinders that are used as the rolling components contrary to the use of balls in ball bearings. Due to its innovative design, they can carry a high... [Read More]

What are Integrated Bearing Assemblies? 15 October 2019

Integrated bearing assemblies group all required moving parts into one self-contained, precision-engineered component machine package. Each one of these devices is pre-assembled and pre-lubricated,... [Read More]

STS Metal Bellows Couplings: High Quality Brand and Functionalities Combined 10 October 2019

Drive couplings are expected to provide adequate power transmission efficiency. Well, the word \"expected\" doesn\'t really do this challenging operation justice. There can be no backlash, no shaft... [Read More]

The Differences Between Roller Bearings and Ball Bearings 17 September 2019

Different from ball bearings, cylindrically fashioned roller bearings are built to handle heavier loading effects. Basically, those tubular rolling elements are more capable of distributing force... [Read More]

The Effects of Lubricant Incompatibility to Bearing Life 02 September 2019

Surely there\'s already enough bearing fatiguing forces in play? Thrust forces pull at rolling elements while micro welds roughen point contact zones. Spalling races create noise and excessively high ... [Read More]

Understanding Split Roller Bearings: What Makes them Different From Other Types of Bearings 19 August 2019

If you\'ve ever had to dig through your toolbox to fix something, you know just how many fittings there can be. At Global Bearing Imports P/L, we understand that it can be hard to keep up with all of ... [Read More]

The Difference Between Anti-friction Bearings and Hydrodynamic Bearings 06 August 2019

Classed as rolling contact devices, anti-friction bearings operate on a well-recognized principle. Their rolling elements are in contact with one another. Set in motion, the lubricated rollers power... [Read More]

How Improper Mounting Can Cause Premature Bearing Failure 16 July 2019

Generally, the inner ring of a rotating bearing locks tightly against a shaft so that the two mechanical parts can spin as one. In order to accommodate this operation, massive amounts of pressure... [Read More]

How Load-carrying Capacity Affects Bearing Service Life 01 July 2019

Rolling elements, just like human beings, are expected to handle stress. Now, people do succeed in dealing with such pressures, at least to some degree or other. For bearings, it\'s a little harder.... [Read More]

Food-grade Bearings: Proper Material Selection for Health and Safety 17 June 2019

Here\'s a tough mandate to solve. In an industrial setting, a set of bearings can be porous and packed with grease. Shifting this scenario so that the mountings are situated inside a food-grade... [Read More]

Amplitude Demodulation for Condition Monitoring of Bearings 02 June 2019

Far from straightforward, it\'s not easy to track bearing damage. As one effective defect localizing solution, engineers use condition-based monitoring technology to monitor particular... [Read More]

Common Causes and Remedies for Roller Bearing Overheating 15 May 2019

This post is intended as a guide to roller bearing overheating causes. One easy enough causative factor to spot would be a low lubrication level. There\'s no oily film between the rollers, so the... [Read More]

What is Rolling Contact Fatigue in Bearings? 30 April 2019

Rolling point fatigue, as the term implies, occurs as a consequence of point contact stress. With these focal points rubbing together, material wear is inevitable. The hardness-to-malleability... [Read More]

Understanding What Limiting Speed of Bearings is All About 16 April 2019

Equipment shafts, they can only go so fast. Beyond that point, the rolling elements on each shaft end start to cook. It seems like the laws of physics have something to say about an out-of-control... [Read More]

What are White Etching Cracks in Roller Bearings? 02 April 2019

Appearing as pale hairline fissures, white etching marks emerge on bearing surfaces when application stress conditions exert heavy kinetic energies. The true material defect is hidden inside the... [Read More]

Common Solutions on How to Prevent Bearing Brinelling 18 March 2019

As detailed previously, bearing brinelling is an indentation effect that occurs when the elastic limits of a product\'s race surfaces are surpassed. The balls push against the hard steel ring, and... [Read More]

Bearing Brinelling in Ball Bearings: What is it all about? 05 March 2019

Brinelling takes place on a bearing when its internal surfaces accumulate indentation damage. What causes the raceway dents? As with most mechanically caused problems, there are unmanageable... [Read More]

Significance of Bearings in the Performance of Idler Pulleys 26 February 2019

Idler pulleys are classed as non-drive rollers on a belt or chain impelled conveyor system. Now, without thinking about bearing features, we think about how unpowered idlers take up drivetrain slack. ... [Read More]

What are the Benefits of Linear Motion Bearings in Industrial Settings? 13 February 2019

Linear bearings, the term sounds somehow counterintuitive, are designed differently. The bearings don\'t use the standard rings and races that most rolling elements inhabit. That\'s because there\'s... [Read More]

How Do Ball Bearings Reduce Friction of Moving Parts? 29 January 2019

Ball bearings are what most folks think about when they imagine rolling elements. Sure, a proprietary roller type will handle a predetermined frictional load, but these elements aren\'t exactly... [Read More]

What are Extra Precision Bearings? 17 January 2019

Mechanical parts fall into one of a handful of categories. At one end of the component spectrum, larger-than-life parts provide accurate movement, but the design gurus focus on kinetic power, not... [Read More]

Different Types of Groove Bearings 17 December 2018

There\'s a bearing family that\'s equipped with different types of groove geometry. They look a little like overly complex pulleys, with their grooves curving inwards around their rims. Well-suited... [Read More]

Why Accurate Cage Selection is Essential for Reliable, Long-term Bearing Operation 03 December 2018

Looking back a few posts, we seem to be missing a critical part of a bearing\'s anatomy. The glossy races and structure rings are there, as are the hardened and ultra-smooth rolling elements. The... [Read More]

Different Types of Timing Belts for Pulleys 16 November 2018

Timing belts synchronize car engines. Timing belts coordinate conveyor belts and gym treadmills. The flexible toothed bands also control sewing machines, textile equipment, and a hundred dissimilar... [Read More]

Roller Chain and Sprocket Couplings 07 November 2018

A sprocket coupling is waiting on a workbench. Let\'s say it\'s there to sate an observer\'s curiosity. The coupling is cylindrical and manufactured out of hardened steel. It\'ll support a huge load... [Read More]

Understanding Speed Reducers and Their Purposes 23 October 2018

Non-engineering types aren\'t aware of basic system design issues. And that\'s okay, they shouldn\'t ever need to know about such things. Instead, they make blanket assumptions. One such assumption... [Read More]

Bearings Used for Conveyor Belts 09 October 2018

Conveyor bearings are specifically built to quietly facilitate linear belt motion. Arguably, they\'re the central components in the system, so their mechanical characteristics are mirrored by a... [Read More]

What are High Temperature Bearings and Bearing Units? 24 September 2018

Excessive mechanical loads push bearings hard. The durable fittings, fabricated so that they satisfy the highest engineering standards, produce energy losses. Vibrating and squealing, the rolling... [Read More]

What Causes Bearing Noise? 12 September 2018

Among a cluster of synchronized, quietly rotating mechanical parts, one shaft is emitting a bone-rattling squealing noise. Off the top of the maintenance engineer\'s head, the bearing is probably... [Read More]

Zen Miniature Inch Series Ball Bearings: Common Uses and Applications 27 August 2018

Delivering exceptional performance, Zen miniature inch series ball bearings range in size from a tiny 0.0781-inches to a still diminutive 0.3750-inch inner ring diameter. They\'re available with... [Read More]

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings: Uses and Applications 14 August 2018

Instead of two individual bearings mounted on an overly stressed machine shaft, the architecture of this mounting element has adopted a more consolidated profile. There are the familiar but widened... [Read More]

Common Uses of Stainless Steel Popular Metric Series Bearings 24 July 2018

Popular metric series bearings are small and built to maintain frictionless separation between undersized drive components. Profiled with stainless steel bore sizes that fit within the miniature 1-mm ... [Read More]

Most Common Bearings Used in Automotives 09 July 2018

An automobile, what most of us call a car, exists because of numerous engineering breakthroughs. Thanks to those technological milestones, people can drive anywhere, even offroad. But this is a... [Read More]

Sheaves and Bushings: Common Uses and Applications 27 June 2018

If you\'ve ever worked on a project, be it a car or a massive piece of machinery, then you likely understand how important the interior components of your project actually are. Here at Zen Bearings,... [Read More]

What are Anti-Friction Bearings? 08 June 2018

When it comes right down to it, the world just doesn\'t work without the proper bearings being used. At Global Bearing Imports P/L, we have spent years honing our craft in order to supply customers... [Read More]

Over-lubrication in Bearings: Why Should This Be Avoided? 27 May 2018

Is bearing over-lubrication a problem? It seems unlikely. After all, we\'d expect more oil to improve the slippery effect that governs bearing utilization. Counterintuitively, that \"more is better\" ... [Read More]

Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings 10 May 2018

Learning about bearings may sound uninteresting for some people; however, these little things contribute immensely to our daily lives giving ease of use of machines, equipment, and even our own... [Read More]

The Importance of Reliable Bearings for Conveyors in Production Plants 30 April 2018

When you think of a functional factory or production plant the first image that comes to your mind will likely feature a conveyor belt. Assembly lines for efficient production of products rely on... [Read More]

Electric Motor Bearings: Maximising Effectiveness and Capacity 12 April 2018

You don\'t have to be an engineer to understand that machines are comprised of numerous parts, big and small, that all need to work together in concert in order to be effective. While not a glamorous ... [Read More]

Conveyor Components: Why the Right Type of Bearings Matter 29 March 2018

Conveyor belts are the heart of any successful operation that needs to manufacture, fabricate, or otherwise move a product. Conveyor belts rely on special bearings in order to stay in operation and... [Read More]

Four-point Contact Bearings: What are they? 20 March 2018

We\'re not going to lie to you, the world of bearings is a complicated one once you begin to get past the superficial, standard designs. However, no matter how complicated bearings can get, it is... [Read More]

Determining Bearing Damage and Fatigue 28 February 2018

Down on the factory floor, damaged bearings are causing unforgivable energy losses. Picture the machinery. It\'s still spinning, but it\'s throwing out those losses. Expressed as heat and noise, the... [Read More]

Cost Effective Quality of Ball Bearings 14 February 2018

An inevitable progression pushes ball bearing design. Fabrication materials improve. Following close behind material developments, new bearing designs take advantage of innovative engineering... [Read More]

Ball Bearing Pulley Supplier in Melbourne 30 January 2018

Shopping for ball bearing pulley systems has never seemed like a high-risk job, but it sure can be when your company is depending on you! For that reason, we are taking some time out of our day to... [Read More]

The Importance of Bearings for Mechanical Power Transmission 23 January 2018

When you hop into your car or truck and hit the gas, your car moves. Thanks to years and years of technological and mechanical innovation, we are at a point where we simply just accept this... [Read More]

All About Thin Section Ball Bearings: Selection and Applications 08 December 2017

If you\'re curious about thin section ball bearings, here\'s where we address those concerns. The technical label alone is a bit of a mouthful, but it does faithfully describe this bearing family.... [Read More]

Most Desirable Properties of Bearing Materials 04 December 2017

At Global Bearing Imports we understand the value of having high-quality components for use in your day-to-day operations. No matter what project you have on hand, having the right tools and parts... [Read More]

How Do Self-Aligning Bearings Work? 08 November 2017

Self-aligning bearings are viewed with some reverence. After all, this rolling element family has the ability to correct angular misalignment errors on-the-fly. Picture a poorly aligned drive shaft,... [Read More]

Most Common Causes of Bearing Failure 03 November 2017

Lubrication issues do come to mind first. When the moving parts lack a slippery coating, the bearing produces unmanageable quantities of heat. Friction and wear are the results. Contaminants in that... [Read More]

Why Global Bearings Supply and Recommend Using Zen Bearings 12 October 2017

A slew of design features must be satisfied before a product earns a place in any sales portfolio. Take Zen branded Bearings, for example, a bearings manufacturing group that uses German engineering... [Read More]

The Importance of Quality Control in Bearing Manufacturing 11 October 2017

According to a handy dictionary definition, quality control systems are designed to maximize a manufacturer\'s confidence in their product. This procedural work is accommodated by testing random... [Read More]

Basic Guide in Choosing Timing Belts/Pulleys 27 September 2017

Thanks to decades of engineering advances, even the most unexceptional machine is loaded with intricate inner workings. They operate independently or work in concert. How do these discrete parts work ... [Read More]

Qualities You Should Look for in a Bearing Supplier and Distributor 18 September 2017

Top quality bearing suppliers and distributors are expert at quickly and efficiently sourcing multiple bearing varieties and shipping those to clients on a timely delivery schedule. Your ideal... [Read More]

What are Variable / Adjustable Speed Drives? 31 August 2017

In the context of bearing technology, variable speed drives regulate motor shaft velocity. Gearing configurations alter the power transmitting characteristics of a drive system. Alternatively,... [Read More]

Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel Flanged Bearing Material Differences 14 August 2017

Flanged bearings are readily identifiable mechanical components. Unlike their plain bearing cousins, flanged devices aid the mounting of problematic radial components, such as high-vibration drive... [Read More]

StS Couplings from Germany: Available at Global Bearing Imports 25 July 2017

Couplings play a crucial role in drive technology since they connect two shafts together in such a way that motion can still transfer to one from the other in the proper fashion. For this reason, you ... [Read More]

How Does Shelf Life Affect Bearing Performance? 17 July 2017

The shelf life of an item is defined as the maximum length of time a product can be stored in a usable condition. Batteries have a built-in storage lifespan, as do many chemical products. Those... [Read More]

What are Hybrid Ceramic Bearings? 26 June 2017

The term hybrid ceramic bearing applies to a rolling element class that uses composite technology. A quick look at the metal races reveals refined stainless steel rigidity. That alloy won\'t fracture ... [Read More]

Imperial Cylindrical Bearings Uses and Applications 12 June 2017

The metric system is a well-established standard in many nations, with its kilometres and litres dominating every application in those countries, but it\'s still considered an alternative measurement ... [Read More]

TIMKEN Engineered Bearings Available at Global Bearings 29 May 2017

Regardless of your need for engineered bearings, you should search out quality ones to ensure that your projects perform in an optimal way. Global Bearings provides TIMKEN engineered bearings to... [Read More]

Stainless Ball Bearing Material Properties 08 May 2017

Stainless steel ball bearings have access to all of the material properties that make this robust alloy such a universally popular metal. Principally, the heat treated alloy is an excellent load... [Read More]

The Versatility of Couplings 24 April 2017

Coupling versatility is today\'s topic. There\'s an extensive range of shaft connecting devices on the engineering market, chief among which is the clamping mechanism. This is a cylindrical mechanism ... [Read More]

Bronze Bushings and Bearings: What are they? 10 April 2017

Bronze bushings and bearings are fabricated from an amalgamated pairing, an alloying technique that blends copper with tin. The bright, reddish-brown alloy favours its coppery heritage, but tin and a ... [Read More]

Oil Self Lubricating Bearings: What are the Advantages? 27 March 2017

Certain undeniable benefits crop up when self-lubricating bearings are favoured over their contemporaries. First of all, as the label infers, this rolling element type is already equipped with oil.... [Read More]

Bronze Bushings: Common Uses and Functions 03 March 2017

Bronze bushings are a type of plain bearing, a component that works in much the same manner as a steel bearing. Multipart bearings, however, are equipped with several moving rings and many rolling... [Read More]

Contamination and Bearing Life: Common External Factors that Affect Bearings 27 February 2017

In a realm that allows for nothing but a series of rolling elements and a complementary set of polished rings, any contaminant whatsoever can cause major problems. These pristine moving parts only... [Read More]

Bronze Bushings: Common Uses and Functions 06 February 2017

Bronze bushings are a type of plain bearing, a component that works in much the same manner as a steel bearing. Multipart bearings, however, are equipped with several moving rings and many rolling... [Read More]

Correct Bearing Installation Gives Maximum Optimisation in a Bearing’s Life Span 24 January 2017

Sliding elements work in concert to assure fluid rotational motion. They slide while canceling friction and enhancing lubricative prowess. Of course, as efficient as these component parts surely are, ... [Read More]

The Crucial Role of Bearings in Automotive Products 20 January 2017

Ironically, most drive components rotate, which means they\'re not designed to generate linear motion. In fact, there are gears, drive shafts, and axles rotating within a vehicle, so their... [Read More]

Couplings: Uses and Applications 20 December 2016

Scores of essential components facilitate radial motion within a complex gear train. That intricate layout is going to create headaches in our coupling exercise, so let\'s remove the clutter.... [Read More]

An Overview of Zen Bearings Company 08 December 2016

Zen Bearings Company or the Zen Group is a family-owned company that is based in Germany. It produces a wide assortment of ball bearings ranging from miniature to stainless steel ones. Over the forty ... [Read More]

Significance of Bearings in the Manufacturing Industry 25 November 2016

Bearings play a major role in the manufacturing industry. Primarily, they make high-volume production lines work smoothly so that mechanical losses are minimized. Merchandise can then freely assemble ... [Read More]

Different Types of Bearing Materials 10 November 2016

Robust metals and polished ceramics efficiently manage the conflicting stress factors spinning inside bearings. A particular metal absorbs heat and readily dissipates the frictional energy. A... [Read More]

NILOS Ring Seals: Uses and Applications 26 October 2016

Adverse environmental conditions disrupt high-fidelity bearings. Imagine dirt and grime working their way into the critical contact points between rolling elements. The result is shortened service... [Read More]

Differences between Greaseless Bearings and Lubricated Bearings 11 October 2016

When greasing the proverbial wheels of industry, maintenance engineers take note of bearing housings that require lubrication. In this manner, drive shafts and their associated bearings are... [Read More]

Non-Standard or Specialised Ball Bearings 26 September 2016

Many distinctive engineering applications require non-standard or specialised ball bearings to solve unique issues. These devices function as efficiently as their commonplace cousins, but they serve... [Read More]

What are Pillow Block Bearings? 19 September 2016

Pillow block bearings merge the familiar rounded profile of a standard bearing into the metal block of a pedestal to form a unified whole. The resulting outline is flat on the bottom and round on... [Read More]

Double Row Self Aligning Bearings: Definition and Common Uses 30 August 2016

Deductive reasoning is a handy skill set to have on tap, for the logical side of the brain can quickly intuit how double row self-aligning bearings will look just from reading the label. That spark... [Read More]

Why Do Metal Bearings Fail? 12 August 2016

There\'s no sinister question mark above metal bearings. It\'s not as if the metal is unreliable and destined to failure. Quite the opposite, in fact, since robust alloys are designed to handle heavy ... [Read More]

Types of Double Row Ball Bearings and Their Uses 29 July 2016

It\'s true that engineers can\'t just duplicate a critically important component and gain twofold functionality, but double row ball bearings come close to this mathematical ideal. The... [Read More]

Most Common Applications of Stainless Steel Bearings 14 July 2016

Several distinct advantages come to mind when stainless steel bearings are employed in radial load carrying scenarios. The robust alloy reinforces the rolling components, obviously, by adding... [Read More]

What are Linear Motion Bearings? 27 June 2016

In expending a big chunk of our written resources, we\'ve faithfully described a number of radial bearings, but we\'re changing direction today, all so we can bring our audience linear motion... [Read More]

Bearing Inserts and How Do They Work? 08 June 2016

Designed as specialized fittings, bearings that are easy to insert, bearing inserts are still readily identifiable as standard radial bearings. Yes, they are undoubtedly related to each other, except ... [Read More]

Common Ball Bearing Problems and How to Avoid Them 26 May 2016

Rolling bearings are productive radial motion enablers. They\'re the compact metal rings and wheeling elements that fully transmit rotational momentum while neutralizing incurred frictional events.... [Read More]

What are Rod End Bearings? 14 May 2016

We\'ve come quite a ways in our efforts to classify the contrasting shapes and builds of contemporary bearings. There\'s been labeling and a concise description of functions to cover, tasks that have ... [Read More]

What are Needle Roller Bearings? 21 April 2016

Needle roller bearings are designed as skinny cylindrical components, rolling elements that arrange themselves in a concentric circle within a ring-like raceway. The narrow diameter of this circular... [Read More]

Zen Bearings from Germany: Quality Bearings That Fit All Your Bearing Needs 12 April 2016

When speaking of German engineering, we\'re referring to more than the locale of the product. The part is stamped with a seal of quality assurance, a guarantee of dimensional accuracy and superlative ... [Read More]

Definition and Uses of Plastic Roller Bearings 30 March 2016

In a cross-discipline move that shouldn\'t come as a surprise to any forward-thinking design engineer, plastic roller bearings are on the move, both figuratively and literally. Advanced engineering... [Read More]

Ball Bearing with Plastic Cages: What are they? 15 March 2016

The cage of a ball bearing shuns the spotlight, leaving the twin races and the rolling elements to claim center stage, but that doesn\'t mean the hidden mechanical separator isn\'t important. Quite... [Read More]

Versatility and Different Uses of Ball Bearings 21 February 2016

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